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About si.se.sa.

Merry Pramono started her career as a women’s fashion designer, and started as a Muslim clothing designer since 1995. The fashion designer, who is officially registered as a member of APPMI (Association of Indonesian Fashion Entrepreneurs), initially opened her boutique on Dharmawangsa street, South Jakarta.

After being triggered by a request from her loyal customers to provide ready-to-wear clothes, she excited and invited her three daughters to step in. Merry and her three daughters later founded Si.Se.Sa. in 2011, as the second line of Merry Pramono, which specifically provides ready-to-wear clothing.

Having experience with participating in shows and exhibitions, in February 2016, Si.Se.Sa. Daring themselves to do a solo show and hold their first show, with the hope that their creative work will find a place in the hearts of fashion lovers in Indonesia. Si.Se.Sa. which is a pioneer in Syar’i Muslim Clothing in Indonesia, always innovating so that Syar’i Muslim Clothing can be accepted in the community. Si.Se.Sa. Line is a fashionable syar’i fashion design with a feminine and elegant style.

Black headscarves and long dresses are seen common in the Middle East, Si.Se.Sa. brings out a distinct syar’i style, with beautiful designs, details, and colors. The designs are embellished by Swarovski, fine stitching, premium materials, and feminine details, and this makes Si.Se.Sa. achieved great success in Southeast Asia with many loyal fans.

The name Si.Se.Sa. taken from the first two letters of each of their names. Three-color combination; Violet, Orange, and Blue come from the colors of their wedding dresses. Today, the combination of these three colors is a symbolic color of Si.Se.Sa.

Si.Se.Sa. debuted in 2013 by performing the first syar’i clothing at the Indonesia Fashion Week (IFW) in Jakarta. The event was held at the Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta and was the first syar’i fashion appearance in Indonesia. Initially, Syar’i clothing was out of the attention of all fashion designers. However, Si.Se.Sa. has managed to make its first appearance in Syar’i Muslim Fashion at a prestigious event in Indonesia.

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